Size guide

The perfect fit


All bibs have multi-popper, nickel-free snap fastenings which allow the bibs to fit as the baby grows or different neck sizes.

FirstBibs are sold in either Premature baby or Newborn baby size. These are designed to fit snugly at the neck and are therefore sized based on average neck width. Premature sized FirstBibs stretch to 28cm neck width and Newborn sized FirstBibs stretch up to 31cm neck width. Both drop 14cm down from the neck.

Bandana baby bibs are typically suitable for babies aged 0 to 2 years. They fit neck widths from 30 to 39cm and drop 17cm down from the neck.

Extra large bandana bibs are suitable for older children and adults. They fit neck widths from 40 to 50cm and drop 25cm down from the neck.


To help pick the perfect size, please check our size guide:

cm 0-3m 3-6m 6-12m 12-18m 18-24m 2-3 years
All-in-one Zippy Suits length 52 58 66 74.5
hip width 24 26 27.5 30
PJ top length 36 38 40 42
neck width 12.2 12.6 13 13.4
PJ bottom leg length 39.5 43.5 47.5 51.5
waist 20 21 22 23
Long sleeve tops length 32 35 36.5 38
neck width 13.4 13.8 13.8 14.2