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Lily’s Little Learners – Zippy Dribble Bib and PJ Review & Giveaway


Read Cassie’s review of Zippy bibs – one of our lovely Zippy customer’s who’s great blog is full of useful tips gained by being Lily’s mum! How did she get to 2 and a half so quick?!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Zippy Dribble Bib and PJ Review & Giveaway

Lily and I have always been a big fan of Zippy Bibs. Lily owned her first Zippy Bib when she was about 4 months old. It fit her perfectly and I was so impressed with the softness, the design and fit of the bib. They also have so many different designs on their website and I do love it when I have a lot of choice to choose from. The website is great for finding exactly what you want too as you can click at the side to choose between Girls, Boys, or Unisex and can also choose individual bibs or multipack.

I recently met Zippy Bibs at the Baby Show and told them how impressed with their products I was. So they have given me 2 dribble bibs to review along with a set of green cloud baby Pyjamas in size 2-3 years old. I got to choose from a wide range of bib designs and in the end I chose Yellow Monkeys and Multicoloured Stars.

The designs are so super colourful and fun. I love how cheeky the monkey design is and how stylish the star one is. As I said before, Zippy Bibs are such good quality bibs. The materials that are used are so soft and the neck line is really stretchy. The inside of the bib is a soft thick layered material which is so comfortable to wear and also super absorbent to stop your baby/toddlers from getting a wet top from there dribble and to also stop dribble rash on the chest.

The bibs come with 2 press studs that make it so you can alter what size your bib is. I do love that it is a press stud used instead of velcro so then it is harder for your child to keep taking off. Lily has to be in the right mood to wear a dribble bib, and unfortunately the last few days that I have placed them on her, she didn’t really want them on. She tried to pull them off but the press stud meant that she couldn’t. This did result to moody photographs being taken for the review though. But just because Lily didn’t really want to wear them this time round doesn’t mean that the bibs aren’t great. We have been using them for over a year now and love them. We have never had a wet t-shirt while Lily was wearing one.

One thing I will mention is that the condition of the bibs we have used in the past have also stayed brilliant after tons of washes. The colour has stayed in them and the softness has also stayed. Which is great as you do want to buy something that will last.

Overall I would really recommend buying Zippy Bibs for your child. You won’t be disappointed. Also how could you resist the wonderful price of £3.50 a bib!
As well as bibs, Zippy make wonderful Pyjamas. Lily has owned a few pairs already but Zippy sent us some green Cloud Baby ones to try. Im a huge fan of pyjamas and so far the Zippy ones that Lily has been wearing are definetly my favourite.
The design of the pyjamas are so cute. They are a light green with darker green edging around the collar and cuffs and black stripes on the pyjama bottoms. The picture of the cloud baby is so sweet and is the perfect bedtime design showing Baba Green rubbing his eyes as he is ready to go to sleep. I do love that these pyjamas could be for girls or for boys. Green is a great unisex colour. You can also get Cloud Baby Pyjamas in Blue or Pink. The quality of them is so good too. They are so soft and a perfect thickness with them being thick enough to keep a child warm, but not to thick to make them to warm.
One of the things i’m really impressed with is the fit. There is so much room in these Pyjamas. Lily is 2 and a half and these 2-3 year old pyjamas fit brilliantly and will fit for so much longer too. I expect she will get another year out of these. I also love that the cuffs at the end of the leg are tight which means no drafts at night time. Lily was super happy to have some new pyjamas and had a great nights sleep in them.
The Pyjamas are £15 and you can get them from sizes 6 months all the way up to 3 years.
If you love these, why not head to the Zippy Bibs website to see more of the range.
Zippy Bibs have kindly offered my readers a chance to win a choice of multipack bibs which contain 4 great designs! To win, enter via the blog post. Good Luck!
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