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Thanks for featuring Zippy new baby gift set in your post….


The Cutest New Baby Gift from Zippy Suit

The Zippy Suit gift set is beautifully boxed and ideal for a new baby present. It’s a white and grey elephant print, making it perfect for baby showers and hospital bags when the baby’s gender might not yet be known!

The set consists of a Zippy Suit, beanie hat and muslin. You can literally never have enough muslins! It costs £18.00 and is available in sizes newborn, 0-3 months and 3-6 months.

With a few new babies on the horizons amongst my friends and family I’m sure they will be fighting over who gets this cute set. It makes me think of when L was so tiny and how cute he would have looked in this.

It also makes me wish I had discovered Zippy Suit when he was small so I wouldn’t have had that battle with the snaps all of them time. Some of them were even buttoned, yes, buttons on a baby onesie. Honestly, what were the manufacturers thinking.

As always the quality of these little suits is amazing. Everything is super soft and so well made. They make them in so many different sizes and amazing patterns and prints too, including L’s favourite JCB.

I really think this is a great gift set and would highly recommend it.

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New Baby’s First Week…Wow!

Hannah’s first week 

Parenthood is a brand new experience for me. It’s so hard yet so fulfilling.   You are now in charge of another life — another human being. And it is your job to figure out what is best for that tiny human being.

We welcomed our first baby, little Miss Hannah. In one week, I’ve learned several new things.

1) Newborn smells are heavenly. Their skin, their breath — they are all wonderful.

2) Newborns have no concept of time of day. Take advantage of when baby is sleeping and squeeze in some sleep yourself.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I already experienced a mini-meltdown when feeding/changing/burping/cuddling Hannah didn’t end hours of crying.

4) Your heart will be filled with a love greater than anything else for this tiny being


I can already tell this is going to be one wild ride and I am so ready for the adventure!

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written by: First Time Mum