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Baby teeth and when to expect them

For baby, teething is not always an easy journey. When they first begin to get their first teeth, baby may not experience any problems at all but equally it can be a very painful process. The first signs of teething can appear many months before the first tooth cuts through.


Between six and ten months is the most common age at which the first teeth start to cut through. As with many milestones, every baby is different. Not all babies teethe at the same time, some are born with teeth, whilst others don’t cut their first tooth until after their first birthday. Often though, girls’ teeth appear sooner than boys’ teeth.


The order that teeth appear pretty much stays the same for all babies though. As you see in the diagram below, the first teeth are usually the two central bottom incisors, followed by the top two, then the lateral incisors. Then it’s the first molars and the canines that arrive and finally the second molars appear. Your baby should have their full set of milk teeth above when they are two and a half years old.